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Client Testimonials

The Newman Venture - Queensland, Australia

Dermot visited our mushroom farm a couple of months ago now and everything seems to be falling in place. The picking staff really appreciated the visit and it has really helped the picking staff to reach new heights more consistently. In finishing your visit was one of the best visits of a consultant of any type we have had here. It was the first time that we have changed the pick regime and had no real complaints from the picking staff other than them getting used to something different. Again many thanks for your visit.

Neil Newman

Dermot is very focused and goal oriented. He communicates effectively to all levels of our organization. His enthusiasm is contagious and he develops real credibility with harvesters because he has hands on experience. Dermot organizes the internal structure that is needed to carry the program to success.

Dave Carroll - President - Giorgio Fresh Co.

Golden Mushrooms Ltd has been using Dermot O’Morchoe’s technical services since 2010. We fill 128 tonnes of compost per week producing 100000 lbs weekly and there are 60 employees in the company. Before Dermot’s involvement with the company we considered ourselves to be getting along nicely. It is only after seeing the improvements over the last two years that we see how far we have come since his introduction. We use Dermot in conjunction with our Manager and Picking Supervisor to monitor and evaluate each picker daily. Having Dermot has given us the tools and blueprint to achieve higher yields and better quality in our mushroom production. On an ongoing basis Dermot visits every three months. We feel this is necessary to maintain the momentum of the gains already achieved and to strive for more. Golden Mushrooms has no hesitation in saying that without Dermot’s input we would not be performing to our present level.

Vitali Shastak and Michael Bergin

Dermot is currently contracted by Kanmyel/Kania to service our clients with technical advice and training for growing and picking. He has with his training been able to improve the performance of our clients in Quality Yield and Pick Rate. The training sessions he conducts on the farms is very clear and easy to understand. He uses his skills as a teacher and trainer to get the message across in a way that is easily understood by everybody.

Aleksander Jaworski - Director of Kanmycel

Dermot's ability to communicate with everyone from owner to picking supervisor through to the pickers was excellent. His manner was polite and direct. We hope to use his service again. I think farms large and small all need someone with fresh eyes to enter the farm and to point out issues that are so easily overlooked on a daily basis. Anything that can be done to improve efficiency and profitability is mandatory.

Nick Femia

Dermot O’Morchoe is engaged by Schiele McDonald Mushrooms Ltd on an indefinite basis to oversee our ‘Continuous Improvement Programme’ in search of excellence as a dedicated mushroom supplier to Monaghan Mushrooms. Mr. O’Morchoe’s contribution has and continues to be of immense benefit to our company.

Peter McDonald - Managing Director

Giorgi Mushroom Co. - Pennsylvania, USA

Golden Mushrooms Ltd. - Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Kanmyel/Kania - Poland

SA Mushrooms - Australia

Schiele McDonald Mushrooms Ltd. - Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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