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Client Testimonials

Some of our Clients

SA Mushrooms - Australia

C.M.P. - Ireland

Giorgio Fresh Co. - USA

The Newman Venture - Australia

Golden Mushrooms Ltd. - Ireland

Kanmyel/Kania - Poland

P&L Rogers PTY/Ltd. - Australia

Schiele McDonald Mushrooms Ltd. - Ireland

Premier Picking’s aim, at all times, is to help you - our clients- achieve the best out of your staff and your management processes, so as to produce the optimum results you can for your business.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about us:

The obvious major benefit is the potential to increase profitability. The harvesting technique allows us to increase the percentage of marketable mushrooms grown and harvested. Our market is predominantly for 40mm+ sized buttons and the technique allows us to leave more of the 30mm sized mushrooms to develop to larger, more profitable, size.

Harvesters are notoriously resistant to change but our group fell in to line rapidly (although it took the final harvester 4 weeks to finally admit that the technique works) and within days we were hearing many positive comments.

Dermot is a wonderful communicator and has the important ability to get the message through in various ways, to suit the attitude of the particular harvester that he is educating and motivating (this included harvesters resisting change and harvesters with English language difficulties). Not only does he successfully motivate the harvesting team, but he also motivates the growing team. We have noticed a closer working relationship between the harvesting and growing groups since his visit.

Phil Rogers, P&L Rogers PTY/Ltd. - Australia

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